Planning Applications in St Arvans

You can view all planning applications in Monmouthshire by accessing its website here and entering the street name or post code to find the information if you do not know the reference number of the particular application in which you have interest. Recommendations made by the Community Council to MCC Planning Department can be found the same way.

MCC also publishes weekly lists showing those applications that are being considered and those that have been recently decided

Community Councils have the right to be consulted on any planning applications in their areas and make recommendations to its unitary authority. Planning Matters always feature on the agenda of Ordinary Council meetings.

Planning Applications that are to be considered by the Council will appear on the agenda, published a few days prior to the meeting. Very occasionally notification of an application is received by the clerk after the agenda is produced and before the meeting itself. Such applications can be considered at the meeting as long as the public have been made aware of it, i.e. public notices have been posted.

If you are considering submitting a planning application yourself, help is available from the MCC Planning Department,. It may be that a formal planning application is not actually needed but if it is, then you may choose to consider the pre-planning advice system that MCC offers.

Please click here for the relevant pages on the MCC web site.