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Note on meetings affected by Covid-19 restrictions:  WG issue legislation now allows virtual meetings of the Council and the July meeting was successfully held on MS-Teams with residents taking advantage of the access. The link for a meeting in August (we are usually in recess) will appear below and you are welcome to join as an observer:

You're invited to join a Microsoft Teams meeting on Tuesday, 11th August at 7pm on MS-Teams. Look for St Arvans Community Council (General)

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Coronavirus Update The Covid 19 Helping Group may still be contacted on 01291 892 241. They can support in a range of ways, so please don't feel isolated. 

*if you wish to add your address to St Arvans Community Council Round Robin email group, contact clerk@starvanscouncil.co.uk

With tentative moves towards lifting the lockdown, the Welsh Government are giving an increasing number of businesses the green light to re-commence trading. Welsh residents are allowed unlimited travel once again and there is an opportunity to form a bubble with another household.  Our play areas are once more open, although safety measures are in place including advice to reduce the likelihood of contamination by maintaining social distancing and using the hand sanitiser provided.  

Don't forget, if you need help, we are just a phone call away.  Let us know if there is anything we can do to help to keep you informed. Very useful updates are available from MCC: https://www.monmouthshire.gov.uk/services/planning-for-emergencies/coronavirus/

Further contacts:

Our Ward councillor Ann Webb is working remotely, but if you have any queries, particularly regarding Recycling, Highways or Planning, she can be contacted: annwebb@monmouthshire.gov.uk or on 01291 689559 

Citizens Advice - offices closed but please contact 0300 330 2117 or Adviceline Wales 0344 477 2020 (www.citizensadvice.org.uk)

Broken Hearing Aid? Volunteer Judith can help - Tel 07870 500300           judith.bolton360@gmail.com

MIND Monmouthshire office is closed, but you can contact: caa@mindmonmouthshire.org.uk  or tel: 01873 858275

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Work has begun on the repair of the Monmouthshire Housing Association wall opposite Parkwall Stores  and should be completed by September.  

GARDEN WASTE PERMITS - the Garden waste collection service has resumed for private dwellings. 
At the St Arvans Community Council (SACC) drop-in Open Morning on 7th March 10-12 in the Meeting Rooms there was an excellent opportunity to discuss practical Recycling, our local Community Police Officers were in attendance offering advice on a range of subjects from keeping your garden shed secure to cyber crime. Information was available on the Wye Valley Villages project and the siting of the Grange Road Defibrillator. And there was Coffee and cake!  Our planned June meeting was, of course, postponed.

The King George's Field 2020 Project (St Arvans Community Council and Steering Group). Over 40 people attended an open meeting on November 9th to see the new design for the playground, play equipment, and access plans for all. Current activity is focused on ensuring data protection is observed whilst sharing this evidence of resident support.
The Community Plan STEERING GROUP continues to focus on residents' survey responses.  It was noted that more volunteers are required to ensure that the events are viable. Please contact if you have the time to manage these fabulous community events.
Litter: the litter picks are very successful - it's just a pity that they are needed. Many thanks from us all to Diane and her team, and to Les and Margaret who regularly pick up litter on their daily walks. The litter picking efforts are recorded on Epicollect.  There seems to be an increase in fly-tipping as the Recycle Centres are closed but new access by appointment may help alleviate this. Please report anything you see as soon as possible.

Watch out for a date for their next litter pick event or contact Diane to be added to the list of volunteers.


Traffic Management 
Speedwatch: slow that traffic! Report to come.
The Wye Valley AONB Village Community Councils alongside MCC continue to pursue a joint approach to pedestrian and traffic management with the next process being to tender for strategic reports.  Along with a new 'Speed Management Strategy' document SACC members are cautiously optimistic that planning to address traffic and pedestrian issues and concerns is moving toward action.  
Meanwhile, the anticipated meeting between representatives of MCC Highways and SACC took place and we were able to demonstrate first hand the CURRENT various problems of water, mud and holes on Piccadilly Lane/the road to Upper Wyndcliffe carpark; the odd bowing and cracking of the lane between Grange Park and Grange Lane; that pesky tyre-shredding rock at Howick; unswept gutters, etc.  
Rogerstone Grange is the latest area to benefit from the British Heart Foundation provision of a defibrillator thanks to the work of the tireless Cllr Howells for St Arvans Community Council and The Lions.  The defibrillator has been installed on the left hand verge at the end of Rogerstone Grange Road - a suitably accessible location agreed by the residents.The Howick Defibrillator has now been mounted in its place by the bus stop.
Further familiarisation sessions will be offered when allowed - let us know if you are interested in being shown how to carry out CPD on a patient with no pulse, and how a defibrillator will support you by telling you exactly what to do.  
Stay Safe
In the light of the Covid Virus social distancing advice and lockdown orders, there have been reports of unscrupulous people trying to take advantage of the uncertainty. There has been a recent increase in nuisance telephone calls and scam emails - TV licensing being one of them. SACC share this advice from the police: if a telephone call/email is unexpected/ unsolicited, assume it is a scam (and hang up). If you are unfortunately taken in by a scammer, (and the telephone calls, the letters and the emails can be very convincing), tell the police. Learn more or report a scam on www.actionfraud.police.uk. Ask a councillor (or Citizens' Advice) for advice if you wish. 

Residents are reminded by our Community Support Officer Andy Jones to be vigilant: call 101 or 999 in an emergency.  Lock up securely; use timed lights; ask a neighbour to park on your drive, move post, open and close curtains; don't share your movements too widely.

If you would like a 'no cold callers sticker, please contact the Chair who has a few spare. 

You can contact Andy at andy.jones@gwent.pnn.police.uk
We were delighted to hear of the formation of a rural crime team ...contact:
PC1158 -  Louise.thorpe@gwent.pnn.police.uk  CO139 - ruth.james@gwent.pnn.police.uk

Council News

NEXT MEETING This would have been in September but we have decided to have a meeting in August - scheduled Tuesday 7pm August 11th 2020. Meetings can not be held face to face (following Welsh Government guidelines) but will be held virtually on Microsoft Teams through the link below where you will be able to observe the meeting  You will find the Agenda under the tab Council Information above in due course:

You're invited to join a Microsoft Teams meeting

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(Link to be added)

Meanwhile, the Agenda for monthly council meetings has of necessity comprised only matters to note and 'Monthly Notes of the Ordinary Meeting' have been posted on the website and noticeboard as usual. Any emergency decisions have been taken by a group of three councillors, normally including the chair and vice chair with (alphabetically) selected councillor(s) with powers delegated in April 2020. MSTeams meetings now allow for decisions to be made by full council as usual.

Contact details for your councillors and clerk are pinned to the two boards and also on this site under the tab 'Council Information'.
There is now just one vacancy on the Council. We are delighted to have had an interest in co-option and look forward to proceeding.. 
Local Gardening Competitions: please watch this space for details of our 2020 competitions.
The Council (and several residents) enjoyed a presentation by Sandra Davies of the Gwent Association of Voluntary Organisations (GAVO) introducing their new competition to replace the 'Best Kept Village.'  It looked to be something the residents of the village could take pleasure in entering together - the thrust is community engagement - however, the current situation means that the first entries are now likely to be in 2021. We are, however, in receipt of a bee-friendly pack from Keep Wales Tidy, which we would like to access early Autumn along with residents.
BADGERLINE- please report any sighting of a dead badger by email: badger@bfd.wales or by phone: 08081695110
DOG FOULING remains a disgusting problem for walkers, runners and pushchairs. It has been noted that the pathway alongside the KGV field is particularly bad at present.  Many, many residents are being very responsible and are clearing up after their dogs.  A few, however, seem oblivious to the need to do this, allowing dogs to foul then leave the area.  Please feel free to challenge and report - dog fouling is antisocial and an offence attracting a £75 Fixed Penalty. The next Action Day where the Monmouthshire team address the problem in targeted areas is October 1st.  Although our village has not been selected for focus, we will nevertheless be highlighting the problem through a poster campaign.  As the funding has been reduced for this aspect of Keeping Wales tidy, it is likely that the free dogwaste bags we have situated in Parkway Stores, the Piercefield and Ride and Stride may well not be replenished for free.
There is an e-form you can fill out via your 'MyMonmouthshire' app, or you can report (anonymously or using your details for updates), on the Monmouthshire.gov website/Recycling and Waste/ Litter and Dogfouling. https://www.monmouthshire.gov.uk/recycling-and-waste/dogfouling
St Arvans Community Council has placed a further dogbin on the busy Rogerstone Grange Road, making 6 in the village. It would be appreciated if dog walkers could help us by reporting over-full bins to us - we can chase up if required although our contractors, Merlin Waste are pretty efficient. PLEASE help our dogs to be sociable by always cleaning up after your own by dog and challenging everyone to do the same, disposing of waste in any bin (and not in the hedges, please!)
Noise: of course, the first port of call should be a friendly word with your neighbour however, should the matter be unresolved, here is a link to Monmouthshire environmental health - they deal with a number of problems from barking dogs to fly tipping.
On another note, two new litter bins have replaced the King George V Field bins which had no lids and were too small.  
St Arvans Community Council had been alerted to some anti-social behaviour in the memorial Hall car park resulting in littering.  The police were informed and offered to monitor during the weekends however the closure of carparks has helped here.  
A new Commissioner for the elderly has introduced herself recently - a recent email we circulated requested that any evidence of  'casual ageism' be reported.
If you are not in receipt of St Arvans Community Council emails containing information in which the Council or Clerk think residents might be interested, please 'sign up' by giving any member of the Council, or the Clerk, your email address OR emailing clerk@starvanscouncil.co.uk and requesting to be placed on the 'Round Robin' distribution list.
About St Arvans Ward - St. Arvans greets visitors, including many walkers and cyclists all the year round. Newcomers to the village from the south are welcomed by the Victorian drinking fountain and those from the north enjoy beautiful views of the Severn estuary on a clear day. From Chepstow the Wye Valley Path threads its way through ancient woodland, passing near Piercefield House and offering a number of stunning viewpoints.  There are opportunities for walking in groups offered by the 5-day Chepstow Walking Festival in April and the 'Monmouth Rotary Clubs Walk the Wye' sponsored walks in May.
St. Arvans Ward of Monmouthshire County Council is a rural community comprising the village of St. Arvans together with a racecourse and a number of outlying houses and farms, including Howick to the South. It is situated at the southern end of the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is bounded in the north by Devauden, south by the edge of Chepstow, west by Itton and to the east by the River Wye. It covers an area of some 4km by 4km. The population was 756 in the 2011 census.
The village has a Church, Memorial Hall, Meeting Rooms, a public house, two shops, several small businesses and two conventional noticeboards. The Parish boundary includes the villages of St Arvans, Devauden, Itton, Kilgwrrwg and Penterryhence the name of the local (parish) magazine: Fiveways, available by subscription and in the village shop.

Both King George V Playground and the sports playing field in the village are well used by local children and visitors. King George V playground contains a range of play equipment, some of which is very old and only marginally passes the strict modern measures for safety outlined in the annual report.  It is felt that the wooden equipment is reaching the end of its allotted life and is the subject of increasing repair and maintenance costs.  The joint KGF2020 Project in partnership with St Arvans Steering Group seeks funds through village fundraisers and grant applications to modernise and extend the accessibility and range of the equipment and facilities available.

St Arvans is surrounded by farmland and forestry and the Ward includes Oakgrove Stud Farm and Chepstow Racecourse, home of the Welsh Grand National, held just after Christmas (weather permitting!).

The A466 main road between Chepstow and Monmouth via Tintern passes through the village. It is subject to landslip and work is being carried out to stabilise.  The other route from the village is a minor road following the Roman road to Monmouth via the old county town of Trellech.
Because of its road and rail communications, the area offers the possibility of easy commuting to Bristol, Newport, and Cardiff and beyond.