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Council Information

The Council's Role

Like all Community Councils in Wales, members of St Arvans Council have an interest
in the well being of the community and have volunteered their time as councillors.
The council sees itself as having a major role of consulting the community on local issues, making known the views of St Arvans residents to the unitary authority and other public bodies and being the hub of communication on matters affecting the village.

It is the duty of Monmouthshire County Council to consult Community Councils on how local services are delivered and other issues affecting the neighbourhood. Community Councils have the right to be consulted on any planning applications in their areas and are also kept informed about licensing applications. 

Council Structure
St. Arvans Community Council (SACC) can comprise eight Councillors.  Elections are usually held every four years.  Nomination papers are sent to the Clerk for distribution and the completed forms are returned to Monmouthshire County Council (MCC).  If more than eight applications are received, an election is held; if eight or less, then those candidates are automatically elected. Vacancies may be filled through co-option. 

Advisory Groups
The Community Council has five advisory groups, covering the range of its responsibilities. These groups do not have delegated powers, meaning that they do not take any decisions. Their role is to look at subjects in more depth than is possible during full council meetings.  They pass on their findings and their views to the full council where decisions are taken.  Residents expressing an interest can be co-opted directly on to one of these groups without becoming a Councillor. 

Freedom of Information
The Council has accepted the Model Publication Scheme approved by the Information Commissioner. A list of documents available to the public, and where they can be found, is available by clicking here.