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Council Meetings

Meetings are usually held  in The Meeting Rooms, Sycamore Court on the second Tuesday of every month with a recess in August. Any changes to this routine will be reported on this page.

  • Meetings start at 7.15 pm and there is usually a pre-meeting at 7.00pm when residents can raise matters for future consideration by the council. Sometimes this pre-meeting is made available to speakers from Monmouthshire County Council or other organisations and the public is invited to attend.
  • The Annual General Meeting is held in May. At this meeting, the Chairman and Vice-Chairman are elected and members are appointed to Advisory Groups.
  • Draft minutes for ratification are distributed to each councillor with the agenda for the next meeting at least three days in advance. Correspondence received by the clerk is circulated to councillors on receipt, if received by e-mail. When received as hard copy, correspondence is presented at the next full meeting of the Council unless dates and/or relevance determine earlier distribution. 
  • A Police Report of crime and suspicious activity affecting the village is provided before each meeting by Community Police officers who are invited to attend meetings.

Advisory Groups

St. Arvans Community Council has four active Advisory Groups. Individual councillors can belong to one or more of these groups.

Advisory Group meetings take place prior to the main monthly meetings. This allows for lengthier discussion on subjects than can be experienced at the monthly meeting, visits by MCC officers or other interested parties, site visits etc. No council decisions are made at these group meetings but recommendations are made to the whole Council, usually in the form of a written report emailed in advance of the meeting. This can assist with the management of what can be lengthy agenda.

The chairman of each group is chosen by the group itself, with the exception of the Finance Group as the Chairman of the Council usually takes the role

The groups are:

  • Finance Group. The clerk, who is also the Responsible Financial Officer, attends the meetings of this group.
  • Planning Advisory Group (PAG)
  • Highways Advisory Group (HAG)
  • Environment and Recreation Advisory Group (ERAG)